The time has come… DELICUTE grand opening! =(^.^)=

delicute 11 The time has come... DELICUTE grand opening! =(^.^)=
Delicute – The most kawaii place for shopping!

My Kittylicious friends, so many things have happened around here… a crazy (but gorgeous!) year has just ended, e new amazing one has just started, and I’m so proud to share with you a huge fabulous news: finally I’ve been able to open my-all-my online shop,, the cutest online shop ever! Yay, it took me almost forever to do such, I could never ever imagine how long it’d have been to complete all the bureaucracy matters and so on! -__-

I won’t be boring you with the story of my life, I’ll just say that I love to create handmade stuff since I was a kid, so I’ve decided to upgrade my personal hobby to a whole new level and share all the cuteness I make with the world, woooah! ^_^

At Delicute, you’ll be able to find all you need to feel and look super feminine and kawaii, there’re a lot of jewels and gadgets – all lovely handmade with my full of sweetness hands! And you know the cutest part of the story? It all began because of Hello Kitty… yep, as I started to make for myself HK bijoux with clay a lot of time ago, when I was just a student and couldn’t buy many kittyfied items! =(^.^)=

But I think it’s better if you see my creations with your own eyes: my beloved friends, take a look into Delicute, surf throughout all the kawainess you find, and please feel free to send me all your feedbacks and comments! I totally trust in your opinions, so if you have suggestions for me to make the shop cuter… oh well, they’d be much appreciated!

…I’ll need to go back clay-playing now, after the Xmas craziness I’ll need to put on sale a lot of new stuff in these days! Thank you all for your support during these months, your emails are what keeps me doing my best to spread the kawainess all around the world!

ONE LAST BIG NEWS: to celebrate the grand opening of Delicute with you, I’ll prepare a giveaway to win some of my handmade stuff!!! Yay!!! So stay tuned my super-kawaii friends… the cutest is yet to come! =(^.^)=

delicute 2 The time has come... DELICUTE grand opening! =(^.^)=

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