May , 2015

kittyrulez hello kitty christmas papercraft tree and cloud Kawaii do it yourself Xmas tree decorations: HK magic papercrafts!

Dear Kitty-girls, are you ready for Xmas?

I’m so excited… really, I feel like a kid waitin’ for Santa! And in these cold snowy nites I have lots of fun makin’ tasty cookies and… yep, a bounce of Kitty-chan’s papercrafts!

Due many friends wrote me they liked a lot Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty do-it-yourself tree decorations, I thought it’d be great sharin’ with you another couple of cute papercrats… HK 3D tree and HK cloud!

All you need, as usual, is just some paper, a pair of scissors, a lil glue, a starry string… and lots of passion!

Click on the download button below and you’ll get the both papercrafts in a pdf file with full instructions… kawaii, isn’t it?

Uh, and don’t miss next key step… Hello Kitty printable gift wrap! This’ll be the cutest Xmas of our lives! =(^.^)=

download Kawaii do it yourself Xmas tree decorations: HK magic papercrafts!

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I always show you all my Hello Kitty gadgets, but today I wanna do something really special: I want you to see how I live with your own eyes!

Take a lil cute journey into my pink life, it’s just a few minutes that express all the kittyness in me!

Maybe you may think I’m crazy, maybe you’ll laugh a lil about me… but if this video makes you do even a lil smile, I hit my target: have fun my dear Kitty-friends, smile, laugh and enjoy… welcome to my pink kittylicious life =(^.^)=

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