I wish you a Kitty-Xmas =(^.^)=

hellokitty xmas I wish you a Kitty Xmas =(^.^)=

Where I live, it’s a lovely tradition to do the Christmas tree just for the beginnin’ of december… the streets get full of shinin’ lights and every single house has decorations inside and outside, so that you can feel a glowin’ magic all around!

Today, in the respect of the period, my sweet sweet guy made for me a cute surprise, searchin’ and savin’ for my mac those tender Xmas wallpapers… due I think that happiness is… happier if you share it with someone else, I’m publishin’ them so that you can put Kitty-chan in your pc too (just right click on the thumbnails and “save as”)!

Have a kawaii beginnin’ of holidays, dear friends =(^.^)=

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