It’s cuteness time!

hello kitty watch Its cuteness time!

When you ask someone what’s my worst defect probably he’ll answer you that I’m always late… that’s ’cause I’m a little lazy… and that’s ’cause I’m a gal, first of all!

I spend a lot of time before goin’ out changin’ dress about one thousand times, drawin’ stars with glitter around my eyes, choosin’ hairclips for my hair… ok, maybe I can seem maniac like a serial killer, but I really love to be almost perfect as my wishes =(^.^)=

My lovely guy thinks it’s a matter of my difficult in managin’ time… and so he’s decided to try to modify my habs buyin’ for me this amazin’ Kitty-chan wrist watch!

hello kitty watch2 Its cuteness time!

Yup, it’s really wonderful… it has Hello Kitty’s face drawn big between numbers, it’s all covered with white svarowsky and it’s in fake leather! Oh yes, ’cause I love animals so much that I’m vegetarian, than if it was made of our poor friends’ skin I’d never accepted to wear it!

Now you may think I arrive in time for appointments… that’s not right!

I’m always late, but at least I know how much I’m late =(^.^)=

buy button Its cuteness time!

3 thoughts on “It’s cuteness time!”

  1. I went to your buy section and there was nothing posted for this item. I searched the Internet high and low for this watch and I can’t find it. Could you please tell me who makes it? I loooove it :)

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