Sweet Hello Kitty super-cute papercrafts!

Hello Kitty is always cute, even when she’s made of paper… build yourself your own feline friend and many gorgeous kittyfied paper creations!

Just download the images below, print them, cut, fold… and enjoy!

If they’re cute in the pics… believe me, as you build them by yourself they take a little taste of magic =(^.^)=

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21 thoughts on “Papercrafts”

  1. Hi Donna!
    Kittyrulez was born just as a site without e-commerce… but actually I’ve thought about sellin’ something, due I’ve got special partnerships with a lot of shops online in Japan. If a little more kitty-girls’ll ask me about stuffs… I’ll be so happy to share my discounts with you!
    So keep in touch… kittyrulez shop may open soon!
    Kim =(^.^)=

  2. The hello kittydoll thing wont print properly if you print it directly, it will print about half the page, and cut off some of it. ((maybe its too big?)) I dunno, just thought I would let you know that. ^-^
    cute, though.

  3. :3 the hello kitty doll? yeh, that one is soooo kawaii!! 😀 i printed out both pages for it and when i looked at it i thought, wooow so confusing! D:
    can you make a tut on how to make that one pleaseee? ;D

  4. hello kitty been my fav i loved her even before i was born i loved everything she did hey hello kitty:


  5. i tried this and it turned out perfect!!!!!!! I RABU RABU HARO KITI XOXO KAWAII KAWAII RABU RABU SUGOI SUGOI!!!!!!!!!


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