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One week ago, my lovely boyfriend bought for me an awesome eeepc (those tiny notebooks!) ...
  For all the sweet Kitty-girls who want to start the day with a smile... just ...
Oh my dear... so many days I don't write, but this time I wasn't away ...
My guy loves sweets like no other... and he always asks me to make cakes, ...
Hello there my dear Kitty-friends! It seems to be really tricky changin' icons on your pc ...
I've received more than a mail of Kitty-girls askin' me where do I find skins ...
All galz have a nightmare... doesn't matter if we're in shape, control our weight's always ...
Sweet cute friends... you know I always do my best to help you kittyfie your ...
My dear Kitty-friends... today I'm not talkin' about me... but about my lovely guy! He made ...
When in walk in the streets nobody asks me my autograph, but this doesn't mean ...
At first, my boyfriend was so happy when my love for Hello Kitty started... he ...
My sweet Kitty-friends, in these days I'm really busy! Busy... but happy anyway! I started a ...
Open up your starry eyes dear Kitty-girls... and take a look at this jewel! Maybe at ...
Where I live, it's a lovely tradition to do the Christmas tree just for the ...

Our new cute project: FreeGamesOnline4All!

My sweet Kitty-girls, I'm so proud to introduce you my boyfriend's - and me! - new project: FreeGamesOnline4All! Yep, we're workin' so hard to make our websites great, so that we could spend the whole day writin' on our blogs and ...
Our new cute project: FreeGamesOnline4All!

Cute & cheap: KittyRulez Shop… now open!

I always keep my promises: I told you, my dear Kitty-friends, that one day KittyRulez'd have its own Shop... yep, the time has come! Welcome my friends at the cutest and cheapest Hello Kitty Shop of the web! Well, due I ...
Cute & cheap: KittyRulez Shop… now open!

Kittyrulez is going technologic… follow me on Twitter!

Well, I have to admit I'm not so addicted to technology... but my beloved boyfriend says I have to be more confident with all internet news, so he created KittyChanRulez channel on Twitter, just to keep me nearest to all ...
Kittyrulez is going technologic… follow me on Twitter!

Our new project: PRIZES4ALL.com!

Since I started writin' on Kittyrulez, I discovered inside myself a true passion: I feel so good as I read your comments, as I see you appreciate all the work that stands just beside the pink and violet of the ...
Our new project: PRIZES4ALL.com!

Special week downloads… day one!

I saw that many Kitty-girls come see kittyrulez to download wallpapers and what else... so I've decided to make a special gift to you all makin' a week in which everyday I'll publish something to download! Hope you also read stories, ...
Special week downloads… day one!

Sweet candy papercraft for Kitty-girls!

Till I was a little girl, Hello Kitty started fillin' my heart with love... so now, as time passes by, I spend most of the day thinkin' how can I make my beloveds happy and smilin'. I believe that candies're really ...
Sweet candy papercraft for Kitty-girls!

The time has come… DELICUTE grand opening! =(^.^)=

January - 2 - 2015 Reporter: admin Respond

My Kittylicious friends, so many things have happened around here… a crazy (but gorgeous!) year has just¬†ended, e new amazing one has just started, and I’m so proud to share with you a huge fabulous news: finally I’ve been able to open my-all-my online shop, www.delicute.com, the cutest online shop ever! Yay, it took me […]

Oh oh oh… (almost) grand opening time!

May - 20 - 2014 Reporter: admin Respond

This is really really crazy… I always promise myself to take some rest, have a break and just stay on the sofa with my doggies watchin’ Princess Mononoke, but things never go like this. I’m totally unable to stay there without doing anything, so I often find myself being so tired in the evening that […]

Away? No, just at a Hello Kitty shop…!

January - 20 - 2013 Reporter: admin Respond

I remember an old Greenday’s song… “now you see me now you don’t, don’t ask me where I am, ’cause I’m a million miles awaaaaay!”… ok, it’s better if I don’t try to sing it while I’m writing, but it was just a funny song about a disappearing boy. And that’s what I look right […]

Trick or treat? Naaaaa, just treats!

October - 31 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

Boooooh… spooky hugs to everyone of you, my sweet Kitty-friends! So, it looks like it’s Halloween today! Are you ready to celebrate and have fun in the craziest day of all year? \(^o^)/ I was about wearing my cute dead princess dress for tonite, but then… gosh, fever (T__T) Darn flu, I’ll have to stay […]

It’s time to smile and be cute!

October - 24 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

Tic toc tic toc tic toc… sometimes you realize that time is passing by just because you have to pull away another page from the calendar on your wall… or just because you find yourself wearing a hoodie while shaking for cold. Creepy! But the time itself is something I personally love. I love seeing […]

Shopping in Tokyo: Hello Kitty sweet heart charms!

August - 28 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

My saccharine friends, before telling you something more about my Jap adventure, I wanna share with you some of the Hello Kitty gadgets I’ve bought in Tokyo! Yep, because – even if I didn’t have time – I (of course!!!) managed to do some cute shopping in there! I know I could have bought some […]

One day in my cute shoes part 2: Akihabara, a geek’s paradise!

August - 16 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

My sweet sweet Kitty-friends, even if everyone here in Italy is crazy for sun and seaside, once back from Tokyo I could only think about Japan (>.<) I’m missing so much everything about that gorgeous country, I must have been japanese in my previous life, for as much I was feeling at home! I was […]

One day in my cute shoes part 1: flying to Tokyo!

August - 10 - 2012 Reporter: admin 2 Responses

My sweet Kitty-friends, I think it wasn’t fair keeping you waiting this long to know what the *hiiiik* I was doing in Japan… but it wasn’t my choice, I simply couldn’t tell you more about my adventure before a certain time! But now I can: my Hello Kitty car this time brought me really far, […]

Big (cuteness) in Japan!

July - 7 - 2012 Reporter: admin 3 Responses

Oh my dear… so many days I don’t write, but this time I wasn’t away for a boring work task but because… yep, I had the once-in-your-lifetime trip in amazing Japan, and exactly in Tokyo, the city where cuteness was born! My sweet friends, it was really gorgeous, I have been surrounded by kawaiiness for […]

Hello Kitty bento boxes… I just can’t get enough!

June - 3 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

So, once a year, it happens that it’s your birthday… so, once a year (or maybe more) everyone remembers that you’re a huge Hello Kitty fan… so, once a year, you get tons of Kitty-chan’s brand new gadgets… KAWAIIIIII! Yep my dear Kitty-friends, this year I was pretty lucky! Usually I love when it comes […]

Print, cut, fold… enjoy! HK cute bag papercraft!

May - 9 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

Dear Kitty-friends, in these weeks I’m really workin’ hard on a new project (no worries, I’ll explain you everything in the incoming days!) and I only realized today that I didn’t wrote on KittyRulez for two long weeks… oh my gosh, I’m so sorry about it, what a shame! Time is passin’ by so fast, […]

HK Mighty Fine tees: are you a cute bandit just like me?

April - 26 - 2012 Reporter: admin 1 Response

Dear Kitty-friends, today I’m really really happy and excited… because I’ve received such an incredible gift from the sweet friends of Mighty Fine! Yep, I’m talking about this fabulous tee with that cute Hello Kitty bandit! This t-shirt looks cool and feminine at the same time, the loose style makes me feel so sexy! It’s […]

It’s only money, honey… but how cute!

April - 12 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

My beloved Kitty-girls, Easter has just gone… but this year, instead of receiving chocolate eggs, I’ve received a gift! An Hello Kitty gift! Yep, discovering a surprise and eating all that chocolate would have been great too, but you can imagine how happy I was as I opened that pink gift wrap finding this super-cute […]

Makin’ my iPhone yummy with Hello Kitty kitchen wallpapers!

March - 29 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

Dear Kitty-friends, you must know that – even if I’m a lil’ natural disaster – I love cooking… and must of all, I love making creative dishes, using the plate as a canvas, and the food to make gorgeous eatable paintings! Well, usually these dishes look great and taste awful, but… who cares, they’re made […]

Almost Easter… Kitty-chan’s eggs time!

March - 25 - 2012 Reporter: admin 1 Response

Dear Kitty-gals, months are running so fast… and I’ve got so many things to do in these weeks that it feels like living on a roller coaster! Before watching my Google calendar I didn’t realize that – oh my gosh! – it’s almost Easter! Here were I live, Easter means tons of chocolate and lovely […]

Let’s celebrate spring with Kitty-chan!

March - 20 - 2012 Reporter: admin Respond

If there’s one day during the year which makes me feel really excited, it’s surely spring’s eve: I love when the weather outside starts to be sunnier, days’re longer and warmer and all flowers around look like fantasy creatures wakin’ up from a long long sleep… it’s so romantic and magic! Well, is there a […]

I always show you all my Hello Kitty gadgets, but today I wanna do something really special: I want you to see how I live with your own eyes!

Take a lil cute journey into my pink life, it’s just a few minutes that express all the kittyness in me!

Maybe you may think I’m crazy, maybe you’ll laugh a lil about me… but if this video makes you do even a lil smile, I hit my target: have fun my dear Kitty-friends, smile, laugh and enjoy… welcome to my pink kittylicious life =(^.^)=

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