The time has come… DELICUTE grand opening! =(^.^)=

delicute 11 The time has come... DELICUTE grand opening! =(^.^)=
Delicute – The most kawaii place for shopping!

My Kittylicious friends, so many things have happened around here… a crazy (but gorgeous!) year has just ended, e new amazing one has just started, and I’m so proud to share with you a huge fabulous news: finally I’ve been able to open my-all-my online shop,, the cutest online shop ever! Yay, it took me almost forever to do such, I could never ever imagine how long it’d have been to complete all the bureaucracy matters and so on! -__-

I won’t be boring you with the story of my life, I’ll just say that I love to create handmade stuff since I was a kid, so I’ve decided to upgrade my personal hobby to a whole new level and share all the cuteness I make with the world, woooah! ^_^

At Delicute, you’ll be able to find all you need to feel and look super feminine and kawaii, there’re a lot of jewels and gadgets – all lovely handmade with my full of sweetness hands! And you know the cutest part of the story? It all began because of Hello Kitty… yep, as I started to make for myself HK bijoux with clay a lot of time ago, when I was just a student and couldn’t buy many kittyfied items! =(^.^)=

But I think it’s better if you see my creations with your own eyes: my beloved friends, take a look into Delicute, surf throughout all the kawainess you find, and please feel free to send me all your feedbacks and comments! I totally trust in your opinions, so if you have suggestions for me to make the shop cuter… oh well, they’d be much appreciated!

…I’ll need to go back clay-playing now, after the Xmas craziness I’ll need to put on sale a lot of new stuff in these days! Thank you all for your support during these months, your emails are what keeps me doing my best to spread the kawainess all around the world!

ONE LAST BIG NEWS: to celebrate the grand opening of Delicute with you, I’ll prepare a giveaway to win some of my handmade stuff!!! Yay!!! So stay tuned my super-kawaii friends… the cutest is yet to come! =(^.^)=

delicute 2 The time has come... DELICUTE grand opening! =(^.^)=

Oh oh oh… (almost) grand opening time!

key 3 Oh oh oh... (almost) grand opening time!

This is really really crazy… I always promise myself to take some rest, have a break and just stay on the sofa with my doggies watchin’ Princess Mononoke, but things never go like this. I’m totally unable to stay there without doing anything, so I often find myself being so tired in the evening that I fall asleep on my laptop’s keyboard, LoL!

Ok, ok, now it’s time to take again control of my life, as I’m about to take a great step starting my own official business, yay! After a long time of bureaucracy, dramatic thoughts, management issues (I have to admit I totally suck when it comes to business) now I’m ready to start! Everything is almost ready to give birth to my – all mine! – online shop, and I’m so excited! ^__^

The keychain in the pic is the one I got when I visited Kiddy Land in Harajuku last summer, that huge Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma shop in Tokyo, and I really do hope that my online store will have half the luck of that gorgeous shop, that would be more than enough for me! =(^.^)=

It won’t be a Kitty-chan’s store (as it would be a mess with all the copyright matter), but I promise you, my super cute friends, that there’ll be a kawaii overload all over it!

So if you want to be with me in this great adventure just stay tuned, every comment or suggestion will be highly appreciated… I totally trust in your feedbacks!

In the meanwhile, while we wait for the opening… I’ll keep on publishing my silly stories and the usual downloadable stuff, now that the boring bureaucracy part has been completed I’ll have some more free time to write again in my beloved blog ^_^

Thanks to you all for having the patience to wait for my coming back, they use to say that friends and stressed bloggers are just like stars… even when you don’t see them, they’re always there, looking after you =(^.^)=

Away? No, just at a Hello Kitty shop…!

hello kitty shopping bag 1 Away? No, just at a Hello Kitty shop...!

I remember an old Greenday’s song… “now you see me now you don’t, don’t ask me where I am, ’cause I’m a million miles awaaaaay!”… ok, it’s better if I don’t try to sing it while I’m writing, but it was just a funny song about a disappearing boy. And that’s what I look right now, a disappearing Kitty-gal (T__T)

I haven’t been abducted by aliens, it just happened that I was around the world searching for the best Kitty-chan’s shops ever! No, that’s not the truth… yes, I have been quite busy in these months traveling here and there, yes, I’ve visited one thousand Hello Kitty stores… but the big news is that right now I’m working on a new huge cute awesome project!

I wasn’t sure if keeping myself busy with another blog would be a good idea (as I already manage a lot of blogs), but that’s it. I’ve got a lot of things I want to share with the world, so I can’t stay here just thinking about what I should do… I just have to do it!

That’s why I’m preparing all it needs to set online the soonest possible a new kawaii website in which I’m going to share with you a lot of tutorials about how you could make your world cuter. It’ll be not only about simple crafts with paper and scissors, I will also show you how to make lovely jewels, amazing gadgets and some other gorgeous things… but I can’t tell you more for now (^__^)

I just want to help all the girls that want to surround themselves with cuteness but they can’t find in the real world the beauty that is inside their minds. Sounds tricky? No, it’s not… I can assure you that it’ll be a real pleasure learning with me how to do a lot of sweet stuff, without spending a lot of money and making all your friends say “iiiikie! Where did you just buy that incredible piece of cuteness?”.

So, while I get crazy visiting all the Hello Kitty shops around here for inspiration and preparing loads of great tutorials, just stay tuned… I need your help to kittyfie this world, will you join me? =(^.^)=

hello kitty shopping bag 21 Away? No, just at a Hello Kitty shop...!

Trick or treat? Naaaaa, just treats!

kittyrulez hellokitty ipad wallpapers halloween Trick or treat? Naaaaa, just treats!

Boooooh… spooky hugs to everyone of you, my sweet Kitty-friends!
So, it looks like it’s Halloween today! Are you ready to celebrate and have fun in the craziest day of all year? \(^o^)/

I was about wearing my cute dead princess dress for tonite, but then… gosh, fever (T__T)
Darn flu, I’ll have to stay home watching the tube. Oh, at least this evening I’ll have a full choice of horror movies to choose from, even if I already know that I’ll surely spend more than half a movie with my hands covering my crying eyes, LoL !

But let’s talk about something happy and joyful: I’ve prepared a kawaii collection of Hello Kitty Halloween wallpapers, or I’d better say Hello-ween wallpapers (*^_^)
They’ll surely put a smile on your face before going out trick or treating!

If someone of you wears something Kitty-chan’s themed… oh well, I’ll wait for the photos, please!

Hugs and kisses, my cute HK gals, and HAPPY HELLO-WEEN! =(^.^)=

It’s time to smile and be cute!

alarm clock Its time to smile and be cute!

Tic toc tic toc tic toc… sometimes you realize that time is passing by just because you have to pull away another page from the calendar on your wall… or just because you find yourself wearing a hoodie while shaking for cold. Creepy! But the time itself is something I personally love. I love seeing the seasons changing, and feeling like every new minute could bring me a gorgeous news! Ok, it’s not always like that… but when I wake up in the morning these are my first thoughts, while the second one is “Ok, where’s my coffee?” \(^o^)/

But to get off of my soft bed I need something really convincing, as I’m so lazy, especially when it starts getting cold outside… so, this summer, when I went to Birmingham I decided to buy… TA-DAA! A brand new Hello Kitty alarm clock, an old style one!

alarm clock 2 Its time to smile and be cute!

It’s really lovely, with that glam Kitty-chan and full of pink details… and I love its sound, so noisy and funny! That loud “RIIIING!” that makes you jump and scream… but scream of joy, of course! Believe it or not, with this HK alarm clock I didn’t face issues anymore while trying to wake up in the morning… and now – tic toc tic toc tic toc – every second looks like a kawaii second! =(^.^)=

Shopping in Tokyo: Hello Kitty sweet heart charms!

heart 3 Shopping in Tokyo: Hello Kitty sweet heart charms!

My saccharine friends, before telling you something more about my Jap adventure, I wanna share with you some of the Hello Kitty gadgets I’ve bought in Tokyo! Yep, because – even if I didn’t have time – I (of course!!!) managed to do some cute shopping in there!

I know I could have bought some HK dresses or expensive stuff, but what I like most are charms! Usually charms are just kawaii things that I use to buy, maybe to hang them on my mobile phone, or on my keyring… but actually I just love to own them #^.^#

And they’re a cheap present for myself, cheap but full of meaning and sweet memories!

heart 1 Shopping in Tokyo: Hello Kitty sweet heart charms!

And I found these sweet heart charms in a small shop in Ueno, it was a kind of mini market… but together with ramen and Asaki beer they also used to sell some cute stuff like this!

They’re just two lil’ Kitty-chan charms, but they were really sparkling… as much as my eyes as I saw them on the shelf \(^o^)/

heart 2 Shopping in Tokyo: Hello Kitty sweet heart charms!

Also the box is a tender heart, with passion red velvet inside to keep safe my lil’ jewels!

As you can see, the charms are still in their box, I need some more time to think where to put them! Maybe on my bag? Or on my iPhone’s case? Or even modify them for a necklace? Oh well, I still don’t know… but they’re so gorgeously kittylicious! =(^.^)=

One day in my cute shoes part 2: Akihabara, a geek’s paradise!

tokyo 2 One day in my cute shoes part 2: Akihabara, a geeks paradise!

My sweet sweet Kitty-friends, even if everyone here in Italy is crazy for sun and seaside, once back from Tokyo I could only think about Japan (>.<)
I’m missing so much everything about that gorgeous country, I must have been japanese in my previous life, for as much I was feeling at home! I was sure it would have been an amazing travel for me, and before leaving I prepared a kind of walking plan to decide my “must see!” places. One of those was Akihabara – they call it the tech town, but for me it’s just the geek’s paradise!

The lovely Shinkansen (in the photo above, that’s how they call trains in japanese ^_^) will welcome you as you arrive at Akihabara station, can you see how smiling and cute he is?

So many electronics shops in here, manga and anime stores at every corner, ramen restaurants, colors, screaming people… gosh, in a couple words, a crazy heaven!I was stunned by all those shops and sounds, just walking around with joyful tears in my eyes and saying “wow” “wow” “wow”… I’m pretty sure people there must have thought I was retarded…

tokyo 6 One day in my cute shoes part 2: Akihabara, a geeks paradise!

There’re so many funny things in there, such as the Maid Cafè, the one you see in the pic above: if you go there to have a coffee, you’ll realize that the waitresses are all dressed as maids, cute cosplay maids! This one is one of the biggest I’ve seen in there, they said me there’s also the “male version” of this cafè… but I can’t tell, I’ve not been in there ’cause I was too busy running around like a messy gal!

And in Akihabara there’re also Sega and Taito’s palaces: just think about the biggest amusement arcade you can imagine… well, maybe they’re even bigger! I bought a lot of gashapons in Sega palace, while in Taito one I had fun making some kawaii pics in the “cutifie me” photo boot… I spent about an hour playing with my photos and the retouching software!

tokyo 7 One day in my cute shoes part 2: Akihabara, a geeks paradise!

And then… the action figures shops \(^o^)/
How beautiful, how incredible… here is where plastic makes your dreams come true! I tried not to spend too much in these shops, because I was saving for my Hello Kitty shopping trip in KiddyLand… but I’ll tell you next time about it, this post is long enough to give you a big virtual hug if you were able to read it till… here!
Ciao for now, my beloved Kitty-gals, I’ll be back in the next few days with another Tokyo walking trip in my cute shoes =(^.^)=

One day in my cute shoes part 1: flying to Tokyo!

kittyrulez tokyo 12 One day in my cute shoes part 1: flying to Tokyo!

My sweet Kitty-friends, I think it wasn’t fair keeping you waiting this long to know what the *hiiiik* I was doing in Japan… but it wasn’t my choice, I simply couldn’t tell you more about my adventure before a certain time! But now I can: my Hello Kitty car this time brought me really far, it was the reason why Fuji TV called me in Tokyo for a HK quiz show!

Yep, I’m not joking, I was a contestant in Nippon Daisuki Gaikokujin Grand Prix, a show in which foreigner guys were supposed to show all their love for Japan, making funny games and answering trivia questions about their passions. And *sniffs happily* I was called there for the Kitty-chan’s branch – I’ll explain you more later! It was a kind of dream, oh well, not really… even in my dreams I could never ever imagine that a thing like this would happen to me! Me, a lil’ gal from far far Italy… did I ever tell you I’m from a romantic town near Venice? Mmmh, I bet not n_∼

I really don’t know where to start to tell you about my Jap and TV adventure! There’re so many things to say that I know I’ll get lost into words! Seriously, I feel like a second grade girl trying to speak about her amusement park day… and all that sugar I ate today doesn’t help me to relax! I think it’s better if I divide my lil’ novel into different posts, so that you won’t feel bored reading all my craziness!

So I’m gonna start from the very beginning, the travel: you know, sometimes the travel is the best part of a journey – this was not the case, even if the travel to get to Tokyo was one of the most exciting things of all my life! I had to take a train to get to the nearest airport, Venice, and waited there about three long hours before taking the plane to Dubai. I’m really writing like a second grade girl. Nevermind, maybe like this the post will sound funnier =(^.^)=

Oh well, it was my very first time on a big plane like that: it was an Emirates flight, can’t tell you how kind and beautiful all hostesses were! I was feeling like a princess, it was incredible how they treat you on those flights! When I arrived in Dubai it was late nite, and the flight to Tokyo was only three hours later… so I just had the chance to have a Frappuccino and buy a nail enamel into the duty free shop, but couldn’t search for HK stuff into that huge airport, I was too scared I’d get lost in there!

As I got into the plane to Jap, I started to realize where I was going: it was an eleven hours flight, but I couldn’t sleep for how much I was excited! Also in this case, the plane was stunning, after one hour they turned the lights off, letting you to see a fake milky way made of LEDs on the roof! Incredible, really! While all people on the plane was sleeping, I watched “The princess and the frog”, and the 5th season of “How I met your mother”… all this, eating lollipops and chocolates, I’m still wondering how it’s possible that I smile with all my own teeth, LoL! ^_^

On the plane, I had the chance to meet one of the cutest girls ever, an italian hostess called Micòl: *sweetie, I don’t know if you’ll ever read my blog, but if you do… thank you so much for being so kind and patient with me, the photo you gave me is in my kitchen and I watch at it every day, as a memory of that flight! Thanks so much!!!*

tokyo 1 One day in my cute shoes part 1: flying to Tokyo!

Ok, now let’s get back into the plane: after ten hours in the air I was getting more nervous and scared (not only for the monsoons, poor me!), because I couldn’t imagine what I was going to find once landed in Narita, Tokyo. So I took my beauty case, fixed my make up, put on my head my handmade Hello Kitty bow and on my hands my cutie gloves, took a deep breath… and yep, I was there, in the country were cuteness is a way of living ^_^

And you know what I like most of all my adventure? That I had the chance to get there only because of my passion for Hello Kitty. That kawaii feline which was with me for all my life. That thing for which people used to call me a weirdo. That pink life that used to seem so strange to others. I was there because I never quitted dreaming. If you follow your passions one day you could be surprised by them, all you need to do is believe, trust your dreams because dreams could come true. Believe!

I think this post is even too long, if you had the patient to read everything let me give you a sweet virtual hug, till the next part of my cute journey =(^.^)=

kittyrulez tokyo 2 One day in my cute shoes part 1: flying to Tokyo!

Big (cuteness) in Japan!

kittyrulez goes japan Big (cuteness) in Japan!

Oh my dear… so many days I don’t write, but this time I wasn’t away for a boring work task but because… yep, I had the once-in-your-lifetime trip in amazing Japan, and exactly in Tokyo, the city where cuteness was born! My sweet friends, it was really gorgeous, I have been surrounded by kawaiiness for days and days, I have no words to express my joy!

I’ll be able to tell you why I was there only in the next days, it’s a kind of secret, but for now I can surely reveal you all the cutest details of my nippon adventure: I spent there about a week, and I almost didn’t sleep to see the most possible! I think I walked about 30 kilometers a day, eating vegetarian ramen and super-yummy dango to have enough energy to visit those incredible places… and it was such a dream, I grew up with anime and manga wishing that one cute day I could have the chance to get there… and finally I was able to do it!

I came home just a couple days ago, and jet lag is still having incredible effects on me, but I’m trying to sort all my photos and videos in the shortest time possible: in the next days I’ll share with you all my best memories! I have a lot – really a lot!!! – of Kitty-chan’s gadgets lovely photos, from the strangest things to the cutest ones: my coin purse is still bleeding for how much I spent in Hello Kitty Shop in Harajuku, but I’ll show you everything really soon!

I’m so sorry if this post sounds so messy and confused, I’m still feeling dreamy for my Tokyo trip: if you wanna live a japanese adventure in my sweet shoes just keep in touch, I promise it’ll be like visiting cuteness’ homeland yourself! =(^.^)=

Hello Kitty bento boxes… I just can’t get enough!

kittyrulez hellokitty bento box Hello Kitty bento boxes... I just cant get enough!

So, once a year, it happens that it’s your birthday… so, once a year (or maybe more) everyone remembers that you’re a huge Hello Kitty fan… so, once a year, you get tons of Kitty-chan’s brand new gadgets… KAWAIIIIII!

Yep my dear Kitty-friends, this year I was pretty lucky! Usually I love when it comes my b-day, I don’t know why, but since I was just a lil’ gal it’s like feeling really special for 24h! I know, I know, I’m supposed to grow up one day or another, but I love keeping some kiddy behaviors, they make me feel happy and lively… and – most of all – looking at the world with my big kid’s eyes I always find something that surprises me at all! You know, like those small – maybe silly but beautiful indeed – birthday parties, when you have a slice of cake with friends and family, singing cute songs while I play the piano and everyone seems to forget about pains and worries for an hour or two! That’s what makes me feel really heavenly, and when I’m joyful I’m cuter, and when I’m cuter… that’s when I feel a perfect Kitty-girl!

But… uh, I got lost into my own words, I was here to tell you about my brand new Hello Kitty bento box! Yup, this was one of my b-day gifts… and I think one of the most beautiful ones! Even if it’s supposed to be a bento box, I was needing a new place to store my candies, so now it’s my sweets box, LoL!

kittyrulez hellokitty bento box 2 Hello Kitty bento boxes... I just cant get enough!

As you can see from the pics, it’s made in purrrrfect plastic, with a huge Kitty-chan on the front and lots of hearts… and now also lots of chocolates and candies! It’s quite big, with three little dividers, so I guess it’d keep a full lunch, made of rice, vegetables and maybe also a yummy dessert… no meat for me, as I’m vegetarian!

I don’t know if I’ll ever use it as a bento box to carry out my lunch, but considering that I usually eat only sweets… well, it’s already working as a bento box! =(^.^)=

Print, cut, fold… enjoy! HK cute bag papercraft!

kittyrulez hellokitty summer wallpapers Print, cut, fold... enjoy! HK cute bag papercraft!

Dear Kitty-friends, in these weeks I’m really workin’ hard on a new project (no worries, I’ll explain you everything in the incoming days!) and I only realized today that I didn’t wrote on KittyRulez for two long weeks… oh my gosh, I’m so sorry about it, what a shame! Time is passin’ by so fast, I feel like ridin’ a HK supernova without stopping!

But today I decided to take a couple relaxing hours – and I have to relax fast, ’cause it seems that these two hours are almost over – and post on KittyRulez something that I’m sure you all’ll appreciate a lot… a lovely paper craft which isn’t a simple paper craft, but once built will become a cute Hello Kitty tiny bag, perfect for gifts or for keepin’ your own jewels!

All you have to do is save it on your computer, print it (I’d suggest photographic paper, which is a lil’ thicker, and always remember that glossy is better!) and then cut it and fold it following the easy instructions included! I’m sure you won’t face any issue while building it, ’cause it’s really easy to make, but the result will be… uuuh, incredible!

So enjoy my sweet friends, and please wait for my coming back a lil’ more… I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, the best is yet to come! =(^.^)=

HK Mighty Fine tees: are you a cute bandit just like me?

kittyrulez hello kitty welovefine HK Mighty Fine tees: are you a cute bandit just like me?

Dear Kitty-friends, today I’m really really happy and excited… because I’ve received such an incredible gift from the sweet friends of Mighty Fine! Yep, I’m talking about this fabulous tee with that cute Hello Kitty bandit!

This t-shirt looks cool and feminine at the same time, the loose style makes me feel so sexy! It’s like… ups, my shoulder…! Not to mention, of course, that awesome Hello Kitty print all over the tee, which is simply gorgeous!

Our Mighty Fine friends seem to be really in love with Kitty-chan, they have tons of shirts all dedicated to our cute furred friend, such as Mexican inspired and Steampunk themed tees, and they all look incredible, so incredible that I had such a hard time when they wrote me to decide which was the t-shirt I liked most. How can I choose? They all look stylish and kawaii!

I was so excited when I received the t-shirt that I made a complete “out of the box” photo book, and I wanna share it with you all!

kittyrulez hello kitty welovefine 2 HK Mighty Fine tees: are you a cute bandit just like me?

First of all… the packaging! Every shirt is carefully wrapped in this super-soft paper, to keep it safe and happy during the shipping!

kittyrulez hello kitty welovefine 3 HK Mighty Fine tees: are you a cute bandit just like me?

This was the top moment: when I opened the wrap and found my beloved Hello Kitty lovely bandit t-shirt!

kittyrulez hello kitty welovefine 4 HK Mighty Fine tees: are you a cute bandit just like me?

And finally… Kitty-chan’s tee! So perfect in every detail, it really looks made with love!

kittyrulez hello kitty welovefine 5 HK Mighty Fine tees: are you a cute bandit just like me?

Last but not least… the label, which isn’t an annoying piece of cotton but is printed. With love, of course!

I’d warmly suggest you to take a look at shop, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with at least one thousand tees!

My heartfelt thanks to Jenn (huge hugs to you, my dear!) and the good fellas of Mighty Fine, wishing they’ll keep on making thousand of Hello Kitty t-shirts! =(^.^)=

It’s only money, honey… but how cute!

kittyrulez hello kitty money bag Its only money, honey... but how cute!

My beloved Kitty-girls, Easter has just gone… but this year, instead of receiving chocolate eggs, I’ve received a gift! An Hello Kitty gift!

Yep, discovering a surprise and eating all that chocolate would have been great too, but you can imagine how happy I was as I opened that pink gift wrap finding this super-cute Kitty-chan money bag!

As you can see from the pic, it has a huge HK face painted on it, and its surface is incredibly shiny and soft! Even 1 or 2 bucks inside it look gorgeous like a million dollars!

I feel like I’m the richest gal in the world… ’cause it doesn’t matter the amount of money, but how kawaii is your money bag =(^.^)=

Makin’ my iPhone yummy with Hello Kitty kitchen wallpapers!

kittyrulez Hello Kitty May 2011 desktop calendar wallpaper Makin my iPhone yummy with Hello Kitty kitchen wallpapers!

Dear Kitty-friends, you must know that – even if I’m a lil’ natural disaster – I love cooking… and must of all, I love making creative dishes, using the plate as a canvas, and the food to make gorgeous eatable paintings! Well, usually these dishes look great and taste awful, but… who cares, they’re made with all my heart, and preparing’em really makes me feel happy and relaxed!

All this just to introduce you what I’m sharing today… a super cute collection of Hello Kitty wallpapers for iPhone, all made with food! This dishes look so kawaii, and I’m sure they also are extremely yummy… and believe me, they’ll make your iPhone unbelievably tasty! Enjoy, dear friends =(^.^)=

Almost Easter… Kitty-chan’s eggs time!

kittyrulez hello kitty plastic egg Almost Easter... Kitty chans eggs time!
Dear Kitty-gals, months are running so fast… and I’ve got so many things to do in these weeks that it feels like living on a roller coaster! Before watching my Google calendar I didn’t realize that – oh my gosh! – it’s almost Easter! Here were I live, Easter means tons of chocolate and lovely painted eggs… so, to get in the right mood, I went shopping to find the cutest egg ever, as a gift for myself to celebrate this day! And I’m pretty confident that I found the most kawaii egg of them all!

kittyrulez hello kitty plastic egg2 Almost Easter... Kitty chans eggs time!

And here it is: let me introduce you Hello Kitty plastic egg… TA-DAAA!

It’s as big as my hand, smooth and shiny, with a huge pink bow in 3d and Kitty-chan’s face painted on it. But there’s one more fantastic thing about it!

kittyrulez hello kitty plastic egg3 Almost Easter... Kitty chans eggs time!

It has an HK surprise inside it! This time I found a lovely soft Hello Kitty with an Easter bumper!

kittyrulez hello kitty plastic egg4 Almost Easter... Kitty chans eggs time!

It’s not a simple puppet, but a cute pencil top, to make writing a sweeter experience!

I think I’ll definitely go buying another couple HK eggs before Easter… =(^.^)=

Let’s celebrate spring with Kitty-chan!

kittyrulez hellokitty spring wallpapers Lets celebrate spring with Kitty chan!

If there’s one day during the year which makes me feel really excited, it’s surely spring’s eve: I love when the weather outside starts to be sunnier, days’re longer and warmer and all flowers around look like fantasy creatures wakin’ up from a long long sleep… it’s so romantic and magic!

Well, is there a better way to celebrate spring than with our cute Hello Kitty? Of course, there’s not!

So let’s change immediately the look of our computer, givin’ it a touch of joy and kawaiiness thanks to Kitty-chan’s spring wallpapers! They’re all so colorful and happy, and I’m sure they’ll give you a tender smile… enjoy, my dear Kitty-friends! =(^.^)=